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Workforce Data


Accurate data drives good decisions.

Survey tools, CRM systems and data tools are part of our tool kitWhen we add in our robust technology, we have a robust offering to support local business. While the tools can get complicated, the reason for them is simple – to support primary-sector businesses and stimulate the economy.   

Survey Tool Enhances Regional Response during COVID

To help companies through the COVID pandemic, we first needed data.

With the EDC’s Qualtrics survey software, the Covid-19 Business Taskforce deployed two surveys to get a snapshot of the business climate at crucial points: the effect on businesses at the start of the pandemic and second, whether business needs were met after several economic relief aid programs had been deployed. 

We received more 1,000 responses combined from two surveysWe partnered with other organizations to reach out and support businesses with critical issues and communicated key assistance programs that could help businesses.   

Weekly Taskforce calls created a forum to understand overall business impact (not just primary sector) broadening our data. An additional tool allowed the group to easily analyze the results. Finally, we collaborated with national efforts to align survey questions contributing to national survey results.  


Our software tool, EMSI, offers us access to traditional labor market data including compensation and job posting data. The EDC can access the information to help existing and prospective companies. For example, we can help companies understand wage comparisons in key occupations, detailing workforce demographics and job projections, analyze job postings and education programs to supply key positions. And that’s just the beginning.

Tooled Up to Find the Perfect Commercial Property

Location One Information Systems (or LOIS), an online commercial property database, allows any prospective business to look for available propertiesWith the ability to layer on demographic and regional data, a prospective buyer can find the property that best fits their needs.   

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