2021 Results

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2021 Results

The results above reflect the work and accomplishments of the organization in 2021. As you can see above, we assisted 29 projects that led to 2,150 new jobs created with new sales of almost $500 million circulating through our regional economy. The total employee compensation across all new jobs was nearly $60,000 annually.


Ultimately, our investors support the organization because they’ve come to expect a strong return on their investment. And, to understand that ROI is happening, the EDC Board of Directors has established stretch goals measuring projects, jobs, capital investment and utilized square footage in the market. We think you’ll be impressed when you dig deeper into our progress toward our goals.
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Economic Impact

Let’s face it, the EDC is not like other non-profit organizations. Our mission is to provide our investors an expected WIFM (what’s in it for me). We are happy to report our work is producing results.

In fact, our efforts provide a return to all businesses, governments and citizens, whether they are a current investor or not. That’s because the growth of all primary-sector companies positively impacts all other businesses and organizations regionally. Check out our economic impact section to see some of the results.
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Workforce macro data

At the EDC we use workforce data to help support companies and tell our story to those from outside of the metro and to understand how our region compares to the rest of the nation. Stats like our labor force and unemployment rate help us keep a pulse on our Fargo Moorhead region.

For December 2021 our labor force was 142,676 and our unemployment rate sat at 2.1%.

In the 6th Annual Talent Attraction Scorecard released by EMSI Burning Glass (Nov. 21), Cass County, ND scored better than 60% of counties in the large county (population of more 100K) category. Counties were ranked based on the following: IRS Migration Data, Job Growth (overall and skilled), Education Attainment, Regional Competitiveness, and Job Openings Per Capita.


*Source for Impact Data: Bangsund, Dean A. 2019-2021. Analysis of Recent GFMEDC Business Expansions on FM Area Economy
Cass County Electric
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