Three Year Results

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Three Year Results

A Playbook for Success

At the EDC, we start with an aggressive goal, include some checkpoints along the way and use robust data tools to show our return on investment. And so far, we’ve found a recipe for success.

We are happy to report that the organization exceeded its three-year goals across all its major economic criteria, including new direct jobs, additional square footage utilized in the market and direct capital investment.

Companies Assisted

Besides the top-line goals, we successfully assisted companies more than 300 times to address non-project challenges or opportunities they were facing. Supporting our companies with single issues gains their trust in us, and when they have growth opportunities, they will call on us to assist them.

Business Retention & Expansion Interviews (BRE)

To serve our existing clients, we meet with them, learn about their business and any issues or opportunities facing them. Each year, we set a stretch goal of 200 BRE visits, and in 2021, we completed 114 of those interviews (in person and online).
Check out the results of our BRE surveying 

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