About the EDC

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About the EDC

Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development

Why Our Investors Invest

A Strategic Plan

The GFMEDC Board and staff are working with Sagency, a local consulting firm, to dig deeply into the core of what we do and why we do it.

The strategic plan being developed will set us up for success in the next three to five years. Though not completed, you can see below, we’ve put considerable effort into clearly understanding our purpose, strategic pillars and key initiative areas. We are excited about the direction this plan is taking us and look forward to working with so many to accomplish this important mission.



Core Purpose (Why we exist)

  • Cultivate an economic environment where all people and organizations flourish

Core Business (What we do) – Success of primary sector companies

  • Retention & Expansion
  • Attraction
  • New Company Development

Core Values (What we believe and how we behave)

  • Show Genuine Care
  • Create New Possibilities
  • Make it Happen

Strategic Pillars (How we succeed)

  • Serve as a Business Concierge to primary sector companies
  • Workforce Alignment by partnering to co-create and implement strategies to address workforce challenges, with our specific leadership focused on workforce recruitment
  • Ecosystem Development by intentionally catalyzing, convening, and collaborating to solve the biggest problems and create new opportunities to drive our economy

Strategic Initiatives (How we will get there)

  • Targeted Sector Growth in the areas of Biosciences, AgTech and Autonomous System
  • Workforce Ecosystem infrastructure and sustainable funding model developed and implemented
  • Increase the organization’s revenue to support our mission, especially having a focus on more private sector funding
  • Develop and maintain a common framework for regional flourishing
  • Carving our region’s niche in the new world of work

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